Mobility Enhancement & Vision Rehabilitation

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The mission of the Harvard Ophthalmology Mobility Enhancement and Vision Rehabilitation is to develop and apply real world and virtual environments for research, clinical assessment, and rehabilitation training to enable visually impaired patients to safely achieve greater freedom and enhanced quality of life through improved ability to navigate on foot or by car.

Mobility Enhancement & Vision Rehabilitation

Eliezer (Eli) Peli, OD, MSc
Joseph F. Rizzo III, MD
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and Vision Rehabilitation faculty

People with impaired vision deserve freedom of mobility and the higher quality of life that comes with it. Our faculty focus on the development of new low vision aids and evaluation techniques for those with partial visual field loss from stroke, traumatic brain injuries, central vision loss from AMD, and peripheral field vision loss from glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa so they can navigate and move more safely on foot and by car.

The mobility center works directly at the clinical applied phase of research. Our researchers are creating novel and innovative technologies and techniques to give people with impaired vision greater mobility and quality of life.


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