Ophthalmology Education Guide

Welcome to the Harvard Ophthalmology Education Guide, which highlights departmental events, courses, and lectures offered during the 2017-18 academic year. A complete program listing is available at eye.hms.harvard.edu/calendar.


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Our Leaders in Education

Surgical Training

Trainees at all levels benefit from surgical simulators and preoperative surgical practice in the state-of-the-art Altschuler Ophthalmology Surgical Training Laboratory

Clinical Conferences

Grand Rounds is one of the department’s most important meeting series. Case-based and research presentations attract a diverse group of clinicians, scientists, trainees, nursing staff, and social workers.

Distinguished Visiting Professors: Lectures

Harvard Ophthalmology is proud to welcome eminent ophthalmologists from around the world who are performing cutting-edge work in their fields. Lectures are combined with discussion forums to further facilitate the exchange of information. 

Research Seminars

Research seminars and work groups are offered weekly and monthly at both Mass. Eye and Ear and Schepens Eye Research Institute of Mass Eye and Ear

Multidisciplinary, Topic-Driven, Conferences

Harvard Ophthalmology Institutes and Centers of Excellence are multidisciplinary collaborations that accelerate discovery and teamwork between clinicians and scientists who share interests and have complementary skills. Each Institute (discipline-focused) and Center (disease-focused) fosters a level of inquiry and synergy that hastens the bench-to-bedside pipeline and brings that knowledge gained to the full spectrum of blinding diseases. Institutes and Centers provide an array of educational events that range from small focus groups to distinguished lecture series and international conferences. 

Alumni Reunion and Receptions

Harvard Ophthalmology/Mass. Eye and Ear alumni bring an important perspective and value to our community. We encourage alumni to join us at various events throughout the year that are designed to cultivate an engaging social, educational, and professional networking environment. 


A complete program listing is available at: eye.hms.harvard.edu/calendar


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