Sutureless transscleral fixation of secondary intraocular lenses


Nudleman E, Yonekawa Y, Prenner JL. Sutureless transscleral fixation of secondary intraocular lenses. Curr Opin Ophthalmol 2018;29(3):210-216.

Date Published:

2018 May


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The surgical approach to eyes needing a secondary intraocular lens have evolved rapidly in recent years. Here, we will focus on techniques for scleral-fixation of intraocular lenses (IOLs), and will review the evidence for their safety and efficacy. RECENT FINDINGS: Transscleral fixation of IOLs refers the placement of lens haptics within scleral tunnels to stabilize the lens in eyes that lack adequate capsular support. Various surgical techniques have been reported recently to accomplish this goal. These include the use of a trocar, microvitreoretinal blade, or hypodermic needle to create the scleral tunnels, as well as several methods for placing the haptics through the tunnels. Although long-term data is lacking, each technique has been shown to have good visual outcomes without significant side effects. SUMMARY: Surgical approaches for the transscleral fixation of secondary IOLs provide a safe and effective technique for the management of eyes with insufficient capsular support.

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Last updated on 06/28/2018