Tear Film & Ocular Surface Workshop

TFOS Dry Eye Workshop

David A Sullivan is the organizer of the TFOS Dry Eye Workshop II (DEWS II; http://www.tfosdewsreport.org). The goal of the TFOS DEWS II is to achieve a global consensus concerning multiple aspects of dry eye disease (DED). This initiative involves the efforts of more than 150 clinical and basic research experts, who are using an evidence-based approach and a process of open communication, dialogue and transparency to increase our understanding of DED. The TFOS DEWS II is updating the definition, classification and diagnosis of DED, critically assessing the epidemiology, pathophysiology, mechanism, and impact of this disorder, addressing its management and therapy, and developing recommendations for the design of clinical trials to evaluate pharmaceutical interventions for DED treatment. We anticipate that the TFOS DEWS II Report will be published in The Ocular Surface in the Spring of 2017. Scientific and lay Executive Summaries will then be translated into multiple languages and distributed to eye care practitioners and DED patients throughout the world.