The Gift of Sight

The gift of sight

The clinical, educational, and scientific endeavors of Harvard Ophthalmology faculty garner support from many sources. Private funds from individuals, families, or foundations, as well as corporate and government grants, all provide for the essential infrastructure that allows faculty to improve the quality of life for countless individuals with vision loss.

Today, significant inroads into many areas of ophthalmic medicine and science have set the stage for potential breakthroughs: regenerating optic nerves and repairing damaged retina cells with stem cells, providing “personalized” care to patients using an individual’s genetic blueprint, even restoring some sight to the blind with a retinal prosthetic.

Once fodder for fiction, the realm of scientific possibility and patient care is widening rapidly, and there is new hope on the horizon for millions of sight-challenged people around the globe.

“I do have a basic philosophy that the only thing you have left when you die is what you gave away.” —Norman Knight, Philanthropist


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