Boston Children's Hospital Trainees Receive Research Awards

October 12, 2021

Three Boston Children's Hospital ophthalmology research trainees were recognized for their research and teaching by the hospital's Ophthalmology Basic Research Group at its annual Seminar event.

Yohei Tomita, MD, PhD, a research fellow, was recognized with the 2020-2021 Best Teaching Award and is one of the three winners of the Best Presentation Award for his presentation, "An ex vivo choroid sprouting assay."

Research fellow Felix Yemanyi, PhD, OD, and research assistant William Allen also received the Best Presentation Award for their presentations, "Amino acid transporter SLC38A5 regulates developmental and pathological retinal angiogenesis" and "Endothelial arginase 2 mediates retinal ischemia/reperfusion injury by inducing mitochondrial dysfunction," respectively.
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