Dr. C. Stephen Foster Creates Preferred Practice Patterns of Uveitis Management

March 14, 2016
Dr. C. Stephen Foster Creates Preferred Practice Patterns of Uveitis Management

C. Stephen Foster, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology, part-time, at Mass. Eye and Ear, and founder of Massachusetts Eye Research & Surgery Institution (MERSI) -a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to patient-centered, quality eye care from the world’s leading physicians – recently had his method of treating uveitis published as the new standard in managing the disease.

The research and development behind these findings come from Dr. Foster’s Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation.  For more than thirty years, Dr. Foster’s individualized, patient-tailored stepladder approach to treating the third leading cause of blindness in developed countries has been his preferred method for his patients and MERSI’s model since its inception. The practice patterns stem from the need to change current and the most popular method of treatment. Unfortunately, many patients are treated with corticosteroids - which are helpful for the immediate control of inflammation- but are unsuitable for long term use as they have significant side effects.

In the manuscript, published in the Survey of Ophthalmology, Dr. Foster provides his steps to corticosteroid-free remission – including early diagnosis, referral to a uveitis specialist and therapeutic aggressiveness using a stepladder algorithmic approach.

Dr. Foster also provides diagnostic procedures, guidelines for employment of specific medications and methods of communication with patients regarding these treatments. The manuscript also discusses ways to handle combination immunosuppressive therapy (IMT), cataract extraction, and a number of other current or emerging therapies and treatments.

“We are dedicated in the fight to healing this disease that affects millions of people. After more than thirty years of first-hand experience successfully managing patients’ uveitis with this method, I am happy that this prestigious journal has set it as the new standard. By publishing this manuscript, we can ensure all people suffering from uveitis are given the best care possible,” said Dr. Foster, Founder of MERSI.

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