Dr. Huckfeldt Receives Foundation Fighting Blindness Award

August 14, 2018

Rachel M. Huckfeldt, MD, PhD, has been selected to receive a Career Development Award from Foundation Fighting Blindness. The award, which is given to two junior clinical investigators who are studying retinal degenerative diseases, will provide $375,000 of support over five years.

Dr. Huckfeldt is a Harvard Medical School (HMS) Instructor in Ophthalmology and a member of the Inherited Retinal Disorders Service and the Retina Service at Mass. Eye and Ear. Working under the mentorship of Eric A. Pierce, MD, PhD, the William F. Chatlos Professor of Ophthalmology at HMS, she is studying potential vision-saving therapies for inherited retinal degenerations and has particular interests in disease biomarkers as well as treatment strategies for retinitis pigmentosa-associated cystoid macular edema.

The Foundation’s goal is to drive research that may lead to prevention strategies and treatments, for the full spectrum of degenerative retinal diseases. As the world’s leading private funder of retinal disease research, the foundation has been a driving force behind the progress toward cures, including the identification of more than 250 genes linked to retinal disease, and the launch of 20 clinical trials for potential treatments.

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