Glaucoma Specialist Dr. David S. Friedman Receives Esteemed Honor

March 20, 2020

David S. Friedman, MD, PhD, MPH, the Albert and Diane Kaneb Chair in Ophthalmology and Director of the Glaucoma Service at Mass. Eye and Ear, has been selected by his peers to present the 2021 American Glaucoma Society Clinician-Scientist Lecture at the 2021 Annual Meeting next March. Considered one of the highest honors in the field of glaucoma, the Clinician-Scientist Lecture celebrates an individual who demonstrates excellence in patient care and basic research.

Dr. Friedman specializes in the full spectrum of medical and surgical care for glaucoma, especially angle-closure glaucoma. He sees patients from around the world for the most challenging surgeries. Internationally renowned for his contributions to the study of the mechanisms, epidemiology, and prevention of angle-closure glaucoma, Dr. Friedman has worked closely with researchers in China, India, Thailand, and Bangladesh. He has identified novel dynamic risk factors for angle closure, work that has formed the foundation for two seminal studies of angle closure glaucoma treatment, including the EAGLE Trial and the Zhongshan Angle Closure Prevention (ZAP) Study, both of which were published in the Lancet. He currently leads a research program, funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which aims to identify novel approaches to screen underserved populations for eye diseases, especially glaucoma.

Dr. Friedman is a member of the Glaucoma Research Society (limited to the 100 leading researchers globally) and the Alcon Research Institute (composed of the top-six researchers in ophthalmology each year).

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