eye Insights Issue 09: Oculoplastics Disorders

eye Insights Oculoplastics Disorders coverIn this issue of eye Insights, we take a close look at two common oculoplastics disorders seen in ophthalmology practice: primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction (PANDO) and orbital inflammatory syndrome (OIS). Inside, you’ll find key information about how PANDO and OIS are diagnosed, treated, and guidance on when to refer a patient.

In this issue:

Editor-in-Chief: Joan W. Miller, MD 
Managing Editor: Matthew F. Gardiner, MD
Clinical Advisory Group: Deeba Husain, MD, Ankoor S. Shah, MD, PhD
Communications Director: Suzanne Ward
Publications Manager: Rosa Rojas
Graphic Design: J Sherman Studio
Editor: Elizabeth DiVito
Contributors: Suzanne Freitag, MD, and Daniel R. Lefebvre, MD, FACS

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