eye Insights Issue 08: Glaucoma

eye insights 8 coverIn this issue of eye Insights, we discuss new diagnostic, medical, and surgical innovations that are advancing treatments for glaucoma. We also include guidelines for comprehensive eye exams and links to patient handouts.


In this issue:

Editor-in-Chief: Joan W. Miller, MD 
Managing Editor: Matthew F. Gardiner, MD
Clinical Advisory Group: Carolyn E. Kloek, MD; Deeba Husain, MD; Ankoor S. Shah, MD, PhD
Communications Director: Suzanne Ward

Publications Manager: Wendy Weissner
Graphic Design: Beth Durkee
Editor: Jen Aspesi
Contributors: Teresa C. Chen, MD; Louis R. Pasquale, MD; Veena S. Rao, MD, MSc; Lucy Q. Shen, MD; David A. Solá-Del Valle, MD; Brian J. Song, MD; Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD

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