eye Insights Issue 04: Genetic Testing

Eye Insights Issue 4 CoverIn eye Insights™ Issue 4, Massachusetts Eye and Ear specialists publish vital information about the usefulness of genetic diagnostic testing for eye diseases. Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, provides guidelines for integrating genetic diagnostic testing into clinical care for patients with inherited retinal degenerations, early-stage glaucoma, and primary optic atrophy. Also includes information on how to order tests through the Ocular Genomics Institute at Mass. Eye and Ear. Created to educate and inform ophthalmologists about various topics in ophthalmic care, Eye Insights is sponsored by Mass. Eye and Ear and Massachusetts General Hospital, and mailed to more than 18,500 practicing ophthalmologists across the nation.


Sensitive and specific genetic tests now exist for dozens of inherited eye diseases. So, what tests are available, and when are they appropriate for your patients?

Editor-in-Chief: Joan W. Miller, MD 
Managing Editor: Matthew F. Gardiner, MD
Clinical Advisory Group: Carolyn E. Kloek, MD, Deeba Husain, MD, Ankoor S. Shah, MD, PhD, Angela V. Turalba, M
Communications Director: Suzanne Ward

Scientific Communications Manager: Wendy Chao, PhD
Publications Manager: Wendy Weissner
Graphic Design: Beth Durkee
Contributors: Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, and Emily Place, MS, LCGC

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