Eye Witness 33 - Mar 2017


Working Across Teams

Now, more than ever, advancing the field of medicine requires teamwork – across departments, around the world, and between clinicians and scientists. However, such collaborations take time and persistence to form and flourish; many dissolve before reaching their full potential.

In this issue, we explore the stages of team formation and invite you to learn about our department's efforts to broaden educational partnerships, enhance patient care, and bridge the gaps in scientific knowledge. 

Notes from the Chair

  • A look at how effectives teams are formed

In the Spotlight

  • Teaching the importance of face-to-face meetings in a digital era
  • Mass. Eye and Ear plans to join Partners Healthcare

In Review

  • A look at recent Harvard Ophthalmology events

Updates in Clinical Care

  • Mass. Eye and Ear offers corneal cross-linking
  • Team-oriented care for thyroid eye disease 


  • Family legacy supports proliferative vitreoretinopathy research

Eyes on Research

  • New strategic agreement facilitates gene therapy drug development
  • Antibiotic- and immune-resistant bacterium
  • Progenitor cells: A new treatment for Fuchs’?    
  • Interleukins in autoimmune disorders
  • Zinc chelation stimulates repair of optic nerve in mice

Global Collaborations

  • India: Collaborative grant for glaucoma research
  • China: Hospitals explore clinical opportunities with industry
  • Venezuela: Pediatric diabetes ocular telemedicine program

Innovations in Education

  • Altschuler Laboratory enhances surgical training
  • Lions VisionGift supports surgical training opportunities 

News from all Over

  • Grants, awards, and honors
  • Personnel updates
  • Alumni corner 
  • In memoriam

A look ahead: ARVO 2017


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