Eye Witness 34 - Aug 2017


Join us, as we explore Harvard Ophthalmology's culture of learning, which fosters open inquiry and multidisciplinary discussions.

Cover art created by student at Perkins School for the Blind. See page 12 for full story.

Notes From the Chair

  • Objective measures are here to stay

Teaching Outside the Classroom

  • An excerpt from Professionalism in Medicine by Simmons Lessell


  • Retina celebrates a platinum and golden jubilee

In Review

  • 2017 ARVO
  • Distinguished Achievement Award lectures

Eyes on Education

  • Harvard Ophthalmology’s newest alumni
  • Stepping into leadership

Leading the Way

  • Jennifer Sun and the DRCR.net
  • Michael Gilmore and the antibiotic resistance challenge

Alumni Giving

  • Alumni with a stake in the outcome


  • Systemic therapy outperforms retinal implant for uveitis treatment
  • Evolutionary history sheds light on antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in hospitals
  • Lubricin: A promising treatment for patients with dry eye


  • Seeing and being seen

Updates in Clinical Care

  • Advanced 3D retinal technology comes to Mass. Eye and Ear

News From All Over

  • Grants, awards, and honors
  • Personnel updates
  • Alumni corner
  • In memoriam

Upcoming Events

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