Grants Received September and October 2015

December 16, 2015

Petr Baranov, MD, received the Alice Adler Award of $30,000 over one year from Harvard Medical School for his project, "High-throughput screening assay to identify photoreceptor pre-survival molecules." Together with Patricia D'Amore, PhD, MBA, he also received $60,000 over one year from Mass. Lions Eye Research Fund for their collaborative project, "Investigation of the ability of pericyte precursors to rescue the retinal vasculature.

Alex Bowers, PhD, received almost $3,000,000 over five years from the National Eye Institute (NEI) for her project, "Scanning and Detecting at Intersections." 

Dong Feng Chen, PhDand Gang Luo, PhD, received $134,537 total over one year from AfaSci, Inc.through a joint NIH SBIR grant for their project, "A Visual Assessment System for Rodent Function/Drug Delivery." 

Tobias Elze, PhD, received $60,000 over one year from Mass. Lions Research Fund for his project "A Novel Method for Diagnosing Initial Onset of Glaucomatous Vision Loss." 

Mara Lorenzi, MD, received $56,708 over one year from Bayer Global Ophthalmology Awards Program for her project, "Learning from Patroller Monocytes to Protect the Endothelium of Retinal Vessels in Diabetes."

Gang Luo, PhD, received a sub-award of $43,225 over one year from EyePhone LLC for his NIH SBIR project, "Mobile Medical Application for Cost Effective Strabismus Screening." 

Shoji Notomi, MD, PhD, Research Fellow, received $30,000 over one year from the Robert Machemer Foundation for his project, "Role of Autophagy in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)." 

Eric Pierce, MD, PhD, and Qin Liu, MD, PhD, are part of a research team lead by David Liu of Harvard that received funding through the Broadnext10 program for a project entitled "Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins Into Mammalian Cells."

Magali Saint-Geniez, PhD, received a grant of $50,000 over one year from Mass. Lions Research Fund for her project, "Investigating the Role of Bruch's Membrane Stiffness in AMD Pathology." 

Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, received $2,490,839 over four years from NEI for her project "NEIGHBORHOOD Consortium for POAG Genetics."