LGBTQ+ Identity and Ophthalmologist Burnout


Chang TC, Calderon-Candelario RA, Berrocal AM, Briceño CA, Chen J, Shoham-Hazon N, Berco E, Solá-Del Valle D, Vanner EA. LGBTQ+ Identity and Ophthalmologist Burnout. Am J Ophthalmol 2022;

Date Published:

2022 Oct 14


PURPOSE: To evaluate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and other sexual/gender minority (LGBTQ+) orientation as a burnout risk factor among an international ophthalmologist cohort. METHODS: An anonymous, cross-sectional electronic survey was distributed via an internet platform to characterize the relationship between demographic factors, including LGBTQ+ orientation, and burnout as measured by the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI). Univariable data analysis (linear) by sexual orientation was performed and variables with association with p-value < 0.15 in univariable analysis were included in the multiple linear regression modeling. RESULTS: A total of 403 ophthalmologists participated in the survey, the majority self-identified as "White" (69.2%), were from North America (72.0% United States, 18.6% Canada), and were evenly distributed between age of 30 and 65 years. Overall, 13.2% of participants identified as LGBTQ+, 98.2% as cisgender. Approximately 12% had witnessed or experienced LGBTQ+-related workplace discrimination or harassment. The personal and work-related burnout scores and confidence limits of those identified as LGBTQ+ were higher and non-overlapping than those reported as non-LGBTQ+. Multivariable analysis identified significant risk factors for higher personal and work-related burnout scores: LGBTQ+ (11.8 and 11.1, P = .0005 and .0023), female gender (5.36 and 4.83, P = .0153 and .0434), older age (19.1 and 19.2, P = .0173 and .0273) and caretaker stress (6.42 and 5.97, P = .0085 and .0239). CONCLUSIONS: LGBTQ+ orientation is a burnout risk factor among ophthalmologists, and LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination may be a contributing factor. Support from ophthalmology organization to address LGBTQ+-, gender- and age-related work-place discrimination may decrease burnout.

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Last updated on 10/29/2022