Ophthalmic trauma: the top 100 cited articles in Ophthalmology journals


Pham AT, Whitescarver TD, Beatson B, Purt B, Yonekawa Y, Shah AS, Colyer MH, Woreta FA, Justin GA. Ophthalmic trauma: the top 100 cited articles in Ophthalmology journals. Eye (Lond) 2022;

Date Published:

2022 Jan 03


OBJECTIVES: To analyze the top 100 cited papers on ophthalmic trauma. METHODS: A literature search of Ophthalmology journals within the ISI Web of Science database for the most cited papers related to ophthalmic trauma. RESULTS: The most cited articles were published between 1943 and 2013, the greatest number being published in 2000. Ophthalmology (45), Archives of Ophthalmology (17), and the American Journal of Ophthalmology (15) published most of the articles. The institutions with the highest number of publications were Wilmer Eye Institute (10) and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (7). Sixty-seven percent of the articles originated from the USA. The most common type of trauma studied was non-open-globe injuries and the most frequent topic studied were pathological conditions secondary to trauma (34), particularly endophthalmitis (8), and optic neuropathy (6). Articles presenting a standardized classification system for eye injury received the highest average of citations per publication. Types of research most frequently cited were observational clinical studies (62) and epidemiological studies (30); the least frequent were clinical trials (2). CONCLUSION: This bibliographic study provides a historical perspective of the literature and identifies trends within the most highly influential papers on ophthalmic trauma. Many of these articles emerged within the past three decades and came from Ophthalmology journals that remain high impact to this day. Clinical trials have been difficult to conduct and are lacking, reflecting a critical need in ophthalmic trauma research, as most of our understanding of ophthalmic trauma comes from observational and epidemiological studies.

Last updated on 02/01/2022